What is Arising Worlds?

I wrote fiction many years ago, quite intensily, and it was a fun ride, but I then completely stopped during 14 years. One can get distracted with so many other endeavors.

Not too long ago, I started missing the act of writing; so here we come again.

I’ve been trying to write every day, quite successfully. No word counts, however. Some days I will write a decent amount, some days a paragraph, some days just a line on my ipad before closing the eyes at night. Mostly a couple of lines per day, if I need to be honest, but it’s a routine that works for me. I’m just trying not to fall again in that hole in which writing fiction was not relevant and find myself 14 years later exactly where I stand today.

What is Arising Worlds? It’s an experiment which main purpose is making sure that I keep writing every day. The rules are simple: I will write four novels at a time (I’ve had these four novel plots bouncing in my head for years, and I didn’t want to postpone writing any of them any longer)*. I will write a short scene at a time, each scene being its own immediate goal. Eventually I may have enough material to sit down and put all of the pieces together, fill up the spaces, maybe be able to throw some sparkles in and obtain a first draft of a novel, but that’s something for an eventual future. For now I will go scene by scene, jumping from one novel to the next.

Therefore, what you will find here are not polished novels that I am serializing, they are the growing skeletons of several novels, one tiny bone at a time. I don’t know what type of creatures I will be looking at when those skeletons are assembled and covered with some flesh and skin. Something weird looking, I hope.

If you are into that Twitter thing you can find me @delbarcotrillo

* I recently started a fifth concurrent novel (Requiem for the Monsters) and I am fighting the urge to set in motion a sixth one, which could be my first incursion on YA fiction.

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