Old notes written by someone I’m not anymore

IMG_2151I just found some of my first notes for what’s now “The Dreams of the Rabbit,” although at that time it was going to be “Casa Tomada” (yes, an adaptation of Julio Cortázar’s short-story, in which all of the town except the mansion of the artist is bombed out and the inhabitants slowly invade all the corners of the mansion). It’s not surprising that those notes, being around 15 years old, are mostly useless now. I’ll go through them and rescue what I can, but the novel has been so metamorphosed in my brain throughout the years that now it has become a totally different creature. The town is still mostly destroyed, with the mansion left standing, although not as a result of the war but by the dreams of a fly (and obviously the mansion is not destroyed because the dreaming fly was in the mansion at that time and you don’t shit on your own porridge). And the invasion of the mansion by the town inhabitants is no longer an invasion, it’s not even a central part of the story, it’s just a logical consequence of the bombing. The angst of the artist to create a masterpiece is no longer the main driver of the story, now it’s more about rediscovering, relearning, adjusting to the ongoing circumstances, trying to put an end to the dreams of the prolific rabbits.

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