The Company – 9

Before we devised The Company, Turd and I had been very independent from each other, especially during the cold seasons. In the middle of those winters we didn’t share anything, we didn’t go together in any walks, excursions or hunts. In fact, we didn’t venture beyond the limits of our respective territories, we didn’t even think about the possibilities of the city, as if the city had shrunk to the size of the few blocks that we felt like exploring, and outside our minute bubble there were only a frozen extension of asphalt, an empty parking lot overgrown with tall, dead grass.

We would see each other from time to time, but it was like the encounters between two solitary wolves at the edges of their respective territories, looking at each other with subdued disinterest, barely accepting each other, too indifferent to the presence of the other to even show our teeth, no need for threatening gestures nor insults, very exemplary enemies. I would say that every winter we were at the threshold of our friendship.

Once the spring decided to get dressed in summery fabrics and the remnants of the decaying winter were no longer claws tying our spirits down, we would broke our isolations and behave in a more gregarious manner. The chances of us being together would keep increasing from that time on, reaching a maximal point during the middle of the summer, due to the scorching temperatures and the way in which these affected Turd’s habitat. The Sun would unload its fierce heat, and with every degree the pestilence in Turd’s sewage would increase exponentially, until not even Turd could tolerate it. During most blistering days from June to August, the stench was simply and humanly unbearable. During those summer weeks in which the temperatures got out of hand, Turd fled the stinking fumes of his lair and came to visit me, imploring me to please meander together through any section of the city.

“Until the odoriferous snakes return to where they come from,” he would say.

I would happily accept his pleading propositions. After all, they offered me the opportunity to dust off most of the loneliness that had accumulated on me during all those days cloistered within myself.

It was, however, after we founded The Company that we saw each other’s faces almost daily, as much during the winter as during the summer. In most of those encounters we celebrated important discussions. Even if we sat in silence, either on a balustrade overlooking parterres or on the hood of a dejected and rusting car, there was a sense of change and happening. Sensible and sharp ideas started to populate our minds. Unexpected events unfolded and we were right in the center of them, such events continuously taking place at a more and more fast-paced and dynamic rate, as if the passing of time were all of a sudden accelerated, as if a hurricane were chasing us and in our escaping we were being denied tranquility but at the same time we were pushed into new, invigorating findings. Our first principal questions, then rescuing OldThrown, and together with him, and thanks to the sense of audacity that The Company was imbuing in us, daring to plot and implement expeditions to sections of the city that we still considered dangerous and that in the past our cowardice would have prohibited us. Like that first summer after we accepted OldThrown as a member of The Company, when we decided to embark in a risky adventure that would lead us to the discovery of a gigantic park, much larger than mine, with more splendor growing up from the soil and the branches, a perfect setting for something worthwhile to happen.

That park of excellent possibilities was located somewhere beyond the other side of the river  bank that traverses the city. It was a dangerous and hostile territory where it wasn’t convenient to venture but fleetingly, or under the influence of craziness, drugs, or total dispassion for life. In only a few occasions had Turd or I crossed one of the bridges that unite both sides of the city, and in any of those occasions it was a business of placing one foot on the other side, the side of violence and insanity, and then almost immediately coming back, running if necessary, to the safety of our protecting side of the city. In consequence, it won’t come as a surprise that even though the aforementioned gigantic park had been photosynthesizing for years, and even though it deserved to be referred as forest because of its size, we had been in total ignorance about its existence.

Yes, that was indeed a good year. The Company rooting and growing in importance, the discovery of the forest, other things, all tangled somehow, and us starting to understand that, that tangle. And how everything began to accelerate and go in all sorts of fractals from that point on, accelerating beyond our control, beyond any control.

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