The Company – 13

Lost, then.

In an unsuccessful attempt to retrace our arduous and intricate journey, we got even more lost, although we also met by chance with the park that I already mentioned, the dense park of our dreams, almost a forest, a receiving heaven for our maltreated bodies. We went into this park not knowing about its possibilities, only wishing to appease our overworked and infuriated legs, and to find a nice spot in the shade of a mature tree where to gobble down our remaining pilfered sausages. We didn’t anticipate finding anything else in that park, we would have been pleased with a restful moment of calmness and little birds jumping from one place to another, just a short-lived but uneventful oasis where to get a breather. And that’s partly why the discovery of what actually awaited us became even more intense for us, because we were not expecting much and suddenly we got it all. We were punched by goodness square on the face without knowing that that was even an option.

I tell you that it was a paradise. Sandy trails were edged with bins that had their mouths wide open, and instead of thrash they seemed free-for-all supermarkets. All of them were filled up to the rim with treasures. And it’s not only that those bins overflowed and that in just ten minutes we satiated our sacks, it’s also the case that what we collected was of extreme quality and variety: all kinds of food in good condition; objects that someone had believed were completely used but had merely had time to catch some dust on them; empty glass bottles of high price and sonority; pornographic magazines; dry and interesting newspapers; a pack of cigarettes that was missing only one piece; half a tablet of dark chocolate; you name it. Life was suddenly so good that as soon as we were crammed with riches we decided to go quickly back lest the favourable situation transform itself into an enemy and turn on us in foreign lands.

We spent long hours in our return, many recalcitrant detours, the humiliation of asking to passersby and being ignored. Many hours until we met again with the bridge that brought us here, the conduit that could take us again to the aroma of our territories. Once safely on the bridge, one felt more capable to reason as a human being, to use the bridge and other monumental buildings as points on an imaginary map, and then you were only a few calculations away (or I was, to be more exact, for CrazyEye is the only member from The Company versed in science) from determining that the forest of fertile bins and soothing greenery was actually surprisingly close to the bridge, only about ten minutes east. Our return trip to the bridge, which had required so many hours, had thus been a quite horrible yarn tangle. A tangle that now we could ignore. Next time we would go straight to that park and The Company would flourish there.

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