Requiem for the Monsters – 1 – version 2

I have rewrote the beginning of this novel-to-be.

Arising Worlds

Gary the monster squats against the wall, as if trying to reduce the bulk of his body, all three meters of it. As if trying to hide all his rocky self and the sparkles from the crystals on his face. I try not to look at the monster too much. Too directly. People say the monster gets unsettled when eyes are upon him. But it’s difficult to ignore his obvious presence in the room. Especially when his mouth, neck and hands are covered in someone else’s blood. 

I have seen the monster many times before, although in most of those occasions there was much more of a distance between us, and no reason whatsoever for any interaction between us to occur. Now that we are in the same room it’s a struggle to ignore that he is only two meters away. I keep trying to focus on the victim…

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